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Principal Don Bosco Nursery & Primary School 130, Madhavaram High Road, Perambur, Chennai - 600011 Phone: 044 25580040

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Our Method

As Christian educators we are inspired by the Gospel Values and the method of education given by our father and founder Don Bosco. We take effort to provide a healthy environment to learn. We build a personal rapport with each young person and accompany him towards full development of his potential. We use reason, religion and loving kindness to bring out the best in each student.

Daily Quote

“Don't let yesterday take up too much of today.”

Welcome To
Don Bosco Nursery and Primary School

Don Bosco Nursery and Primary School is a Christian Minority School. The school is located in north Chennai, Madhavaram High Road, Perambur. It is open to all irrespective of caste, creed and nationality. The School aims at total development of the children. We help the children to grow spiritually, socially, intellectually, morally and culturally well. It is run by the world wide Salesian Society whose members are called Salesians of Don Bosco (SDB). The provincial of the Chennai Salesian Society is the chairman of the School. The community of Don Bosco, Perambur is responsible for the quality of education offered in the School.

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Message by the Rector and Correspondent

Fr. Antonyraj sdb

Rector & Correspondent

Dear Staff and Students,

It is my pleasure to welcome you all for the academic year 2022-2023. After a long period of disturbance in education due to COVID-19, we have come together to pursue the education in our School. First of all let us be grateful to God for His protection and benevolence. Education is a joint Endeavour by the educational institution, management, staff, students and parents. All of us have a role to play. Let us all join together and provide the best atmosphere in the school and in our homes so that the children may learn joyfully and become useful citizens and honest persons. We have prepared the class rooms and the environment conducive for the children to learn. We have many plans to improve the standard of education in our school. I request full cooperation from all the stake holders.

Thanking you

Message by the Headmistress

Dear all,

As Headmistress of this School, I am grateful to God and the management for giving me a team of warm and dedicated staff. We ensure a joyfull atmosphere for the students to come to the school and enjoy their learning.

We encourage children to deal with challenges. We inspire them with our example of hard work and care. We give holistic education in the school.

Students are given opportunity to develop beyond the classroom by taking part in the extracurricular activities. I believe that through the dedicated teachers and co-operative parents our Don Bosco Nursery and Primary School and the children can reach the horizon.

Thanking you

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Vision , Mission , Core Values & Motto


We aim to make this school one of the best schools in North Chennai. Following the educational pedagogy of Don Bosco, we form young people who come into our institution to be good human persons and responsible and useful citizens.


We, the Educative Community prepare the most disadvantaged students of this locality to become physically healthy, intellectually sound, psychologically balanced, socially concerned, culturally rooted and spiritually grown. We empower the staff to become agents of imparting knowledge, skills and moral values.

Core Values

1. Primacy of God 2. Honesty 3. Excellence 4. Respect for all 5. Positive Attitude

School Motto

“Let Your Light Shine”

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School Prayer

Direct we beseech you O Lord, our actions and further them by your gracious help, so that every prayer and work of ours may always begin from you and through you be happily ended. - Amen.

O God, source of life and strength, Bless us this day as we go to teach. Bless all our students and their efforts. Bless their parents and our school. We thank you for our students In whose company joys

O GOD, the source of all knowledge, grant that we may remember what we have learnt. We offer you our work and endeavours, our failures and successes. Forgive us our shortcomings, and give